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Despite all appearances to the contrary, I have not given up on either my project or this blog however I have hit a couple of large hurdles which I shall share with you…

I was at my most prolific in terms of dollshouse-ery and blogg-ery while on holidays (ahhhh holidays – how sweet the sound of that word), and am now back at work so am a little short on time…

You’re right, that is a crap excuse.

But but but but, I am also preparing for the arrival of some beloved overseas  visitors. So have had to prepare the house for their imminent arrival.

For prepare the house you can read “tidy away all evidence of the impending and ongoing 1:12 renovations”.

The irony is for the last three days (they were due three days ago), my visitors have been stuck in Singers. So I am in a kind of limbo as I can’t really get everything out and make a mess, given they could turn up any minute…but they are not turning up so I could be getting on with stuff…

What to do, what to do, what to do…or – as in my 1:12 case – what not to do, what not to do, what not to do.


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I may have taken on dad’s admonishments to “measure twice and cut once” and “make sure it is square” at the expense of taking into account my granpa’s DIY skillset.

It seems my floors are pretty square but the actual house they are to sit in, is not actually square.

Yes. I know. You can stop laughing now.

It seems the house is 3mm wider on one side than the other.

So all those floors I sweated over while sawing now actually need to be 3mm wide at one point. Ooopsie.

It would have paid me to draw his floor plan as a template and mark everything out, rather than measuring and drawing it exactly. One of the probs in dealing with an existing design rather than making something from scratch.

So having cut down all my floors, I now need to add some dowel (1mm x 9mm) to one side and plane it at an angle…yipppeee!

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Dad came over last night and we assessed the wall depth vs door depth situation.

It turns out the doors I purchased need 8mm depth, naturally I cut out my walls in 6mm MDF.

Plus I went with the max measurements given (these doors will fit openings up to…) when I could have cut alot smaller. If only I had waited till the doors arrived.

Big sigh – maybe patience is a good skill to develop.

His verdict is to buy the 9mm MDF and recut. ?Yippee?

Next time we are using the jigsaw for everything. I know – the jigsaw!!! For everything!!!!

And I am not allowed to draw out my walls, I have to take the measurements to him and let him work out the logistics.

I am beginning to think I can’t be trusted at this DIY stuff.

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I decided to place my floors in the dollhouse to see how they looked. I used books as I don’t have 1:12 jacks for dollhouse floors:


Alternative use: bookcase

The only floor I can’t place in is the attic – the bar I put in to brace the house needs to be pulled out first. Actally I think the bar (which I recycled from Grandpa’s rafters) is actually a  little smaller than the width of the floor of the house – the fit of the floors is a bit tighter.

It also looks as if the house itself is possibly slightly not square…although I am not saying my floors are perfect by any stretch of the imagination.

Now I have to pull out all the books and put them back on my shelves and remove the floors and paint them. I just wanted a sneak preview of what I am working towards first!

Can don’t much with the interior walls (or the roof) until the doors and window inserts arrive from the UK…so may be twiddling my thumbs (and checking the mailbox every half hour) until they do.

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After all the work I did sawing, I expected my pile of 1:12 lumber would be…well…bigger:

Work involved is larger that pile appears to indicate

Work involved is larger that pile appears to indicate

I took my pile of future floors and walls to Dad so that he could provide sage-like advice about what I should do next.

Dad, being the Q of the DIY world, whipped out his plane and his jigsaw to cut the rest of the doors out and smooth the edges:

Like a butterfly from a chrysalis

Like a butterfly from a chrysalis

Pearls of wisdom were:

  • A router might work, but you (meaning me) can’t be trusted with it
  • Always clamp your stuff to jigsaw
  • Always square and resquare
  • Squaring means not just looking at the length and breadth of the piece, but also the depth
  • This will teach you alot about how you want to do it next time
  • MDF is a pain

So I have my piles of MDF back for me to sand and smooth and then, once my doors arrive, fit together and paint.

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If you make a cosmopolitan and you put extra cranberry juice in it to dilute it, does that make it a metropolitan? Or a suburban?

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clothes dollhouses.

I am waiting for a buddy who I shall call the Creme de Cassis fairy (it’s a long story) to arrive so we can start our Friday night with cocktails and a nice dinner (and perhaps a midnight dip if we are drunk brave enough). Unfortunately she is later than the time she gave (by about half an hour and counting), so I am in need of something to do until she arrives…

Segue – It’s a pain when you are waiting for people and they are late and you don’t know when they will turn up – so you don’t know if you can start something significant (like another assault on the glossy stairs which will involve the scent of turpentine, a change of clothes and half an hour to clean up) or you only have time to apply another coat of lipgloss.

Not that I can really complain, being princesstachana of the perpetual never on time-ness. Pot meet kettle, and they are both black. Glossy black in fact.

And do you know how many coats of high gloss enamel it took to get that look? Alot.

And we’re back on track…

While waiting I dug out my 2006 holiday snaps to find these – on the way down from Sacre Coeur, through the streets of Monmartre, to the Moulin Rouge (the sacred and the profane in one expedition), the following window display caught my attention:

Is that a dollhouse I see before me?

Is that a dollhouse I see before me?

And what is that at the top of the house? Could it be…an attic?

An attic or a garret?

An attic or a garret?

It’s partly an attic full of junk and partly a messy studio for a painter – totally en pointe given Monmartre was one of the birthplaces of impressionism..or was it post-impressionism?

Anyhoo – Vincent Van Gogh and Toulouse-Lautrec tramped the mean streets of Monmartre, drinking absinthe and drawing dancers/cafes/absinthe drinkers and then drinking more absinthe.

So the starving artist’s attic (or garret) amused me.

It was one of the reasons why I decided do “do an attic conversion” in this house. Although my plan to keep junk furniture in it a la a “proper” attic was kind of shot out of the water when I purchased the billiard room set and instigated a major scarcity in the room economy.

Fortunately effective production measures (ie renovations) have been put in place to ensure demand is met and the room economy does not devolve into spiralling inflation followed by a recession the like of which we have not seen since before we had….

um…actually I don’t know what I should put here. What would have been the last room economy recessi0n?

Well the  Creme de Cassis fairy is now apparently about 10 minutes away, so I think I might leave this schemozzle of a post and…umm…make a cocktail.

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