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Once upon a time, when I was much littler than I am now (in more ways than one), I watched an episode of The Twilight Zone where a man is fascinated with a dollhouse in a museum. He sees the inhabitants as real people, while to everyone else they are just dolls.

The details of the plot and story have been long since lost to me but I shared this memory with Mr Grrr when I discovered that he had been given all the series of the Twilight Zone.

Upon hearing this, Sherlock Grrr googled the answer and declared to me that it could only have been one of two episodes of “the zone”.

We watched one the other week and it turns out the episode I fondly remember is called Miniature.

It turns out I only recall the last 10 minutes of the episode but it was quite cool.


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clothes dollhouses.

I am waiting for a buddy who I shall call the Creme de Cassis fairy (it’s a long story) to arrive so we can start our Friday night with cocktails and a nice dinner (and perhaps a midnight dip if we are drunk brave enough). Unfortunately she is later than the time she gave (by about half an hour and counting), so I am in need of something to do until she arrives…

Segue – It’s a pain when you are waiting for people and they are late and you don’t know when they will turn up – so you don’t know if you can start something significant (like another assault on the glossy stairs which will involve the scent of turpentine, a change of clothes and half an hour to clean up) or you only have time to apply another coat of lipgloss.

Not that I can really complain, being princesstachana of the perpetual never on time-ness. Pot meet kettle, and they are both black. Glossy black in fact.

And do you know how many coats of high gloss enamel it took to get that look? Alot.

And we’re back on track…

While waiting I dug out my 2006 holiday snaps to find these – on the way down from Sacre Coeur, through the streets of Monmartre, to the Moulin Rouge (the sacred and the profane in one expedition), the following window display caught my attention:

Is that a dollhouse I see before me?

Is that a dollhouse I see before me?

And what is that at the top of the house? Could it be…an attic?

An attic or a garret?

An attic or a garret?

It’s partly an attic full of junk and partly a messy studio for a painter – totally en pointe given Monmartre was one of the birthplaces of impressionism..or was it post-impressionism?

Anyhoo – Vincent Van Gogh and Toulouse-Lautrec tramped the mean streets of Monmartre, drinking absinthe and drawing dancers/cafes/absinthe drinkers and then drinking more absinthe.

So the starving artist’s attic (or garret) amused me.

It was one of the reasons why I decided do “do an attic conversion” in this house. Although my plan to keep junk furniture in it a la a “proper” attic was kind of shot out of the water when I purchased the billiard room set and instigated a major scarcity in the room economy.

Fortunately effective production measures (ie renovations) have been put in place to ensure demand is met and the room economy does not devolve into spiralling inflation followed by a recession the like of which we have not seen since before we had….

um…actually I don’t know what I should put here. What would have been the last room economy recessi0n?

Well the  Creme de Cassis fairy is now apparently about 10 minutes away, so I think I might leave this schemozzle of a post and…umm…make a cocktail.

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…the 1:12 abyss looks back at you.

And yes, I just co-opted a Nietzsche quote into a blog about miniature world. Cool, eh!

So while I am pondering whether to dip my toe further into the abyss and also pondering whether – if in pondering – I am already dipping my toes further into the abyss; I discovered where Minimodern gets her mid century modern / Eames/ Snelling / Parker / Le Corbusier dollhouse chairs – they are Reac chairs.

I can’t remember where I saw it but someone suggested getting the box sets rather than buying the chairs separately – more economical.

I wish I could find that blog post so that I have objective “evidence”. Anyhoo, I found a collection of the five volumes sets on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&item=250291642658#ebayphotohosting

And before you ask, no I haven’t bought them yet, i still teetering on the edge of the abyss trying to decide whether to stay where I am, descend gradually or dive bomb straight in.

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Michael Williams Haute Dollhouse is amazing and inspiring.

This article: fashiondollchronicles.blogspot.com/2008/02/welcome-to-haute-dollhouse-homage-to.html ; shows images of dioramas/tableaux where he paid homage to an actual 1:1 desiger, Jonathan Adler. The room designs are amazing. I want to be 30cm tall and live in them too.

Williams recreated Adler’s work in fashion doll size (ie Barbie size so alot bigger than 1:12). For measurement nerds, Barbie scale is basically 1:6…so twice the size of what I am working with.

He made alot of the accessories that provide the “je ne sais quoi” himself – the article above is great because he tells you how he achieved it, what materials he used.

He adapts Adler patterns in photoshop and prints them on to fabric using an inkjet and creates cushions, wallpaper is done the same way (only printed onto paper).

The constellation clocks in Light Blue Circles Living Room are made out of  “made of metal ring, foam core circle, push pins and paper cut-out hands”. So simple, yet so genius and it took someone like him to come up with such an amazing and spectacular reuse of ordinary items.

There’s a zebra hide rug in Black and White Living Room which he created by printed the hide onto inkjet fabric and the gluing it to a black felt base.

Truly amazing and truly inspiring.

If I succumb to this addiction hobby I am making myself a 1:12 zebra rug. And maybe a 1:12 tiger rug too. And a set of cowhide rugs and…maybe I will just finish this project first and then see how I go.

Mood: Can you have a crush on a room? If so, I have a couple of major league crushes.

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