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Wanna go get icecream?

It’s late on a Saturday night, or early on a Sunday morning depending on which way you look at it.

I think that means it’s time for icecream:

mmmmmm icecream

mmmmmm icecream

I want whipped cream, cherries, proper chocolate sauce and a banana…and…and…and one of those chocolate cigar straw things too. And don’t be stingy on the whipped cream.

Aren’t they great? Australian made too, how cool?

What with the whole world credit goes  bung, I am trying to think locally…even if it is local to the other side of the country.


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As mentioned previously, due to visitors from overseas I am in the equivalent of purgatory for the person who has other stuff to do and it is ongoing.

However, the deep, dark secret I have been keeping from you is…that I can keep secrets, despite all appearances to the contrary.

I know, surprising, neh?

No wait – it’s not that secret, it’s this secret (Did I just give away a different deep dark secret? d’oh ;P ).

Anyway, back to seriousness now in spite of my raging tiredness and sore eyes and the requirement for me to clone myself and multi-task at the same time…

(hey – multi tasking clones…that’s an idea worth pursuing. They can multitask, while I sleep.)

Anyway – the deep, dark secret I have been keeping from you is…

The visitor is my uncle, the son of my granpa who made my  amazing dollhouse! And, he told me a story about the making of my amazing dollhouse.

But I don’t know if I should tell you, since you already know two more secrets about me than you did before you started reading this post (make that three  secrets if you count the fact that you’re working out I also am incredibly contrary and four secrets if you’re [only now] realising I am a difficult little princess)…

Oh what the hell.

Apparently my granpa wore a full suit and tie while he was building this house.

So he was measuring, sawing, hammering, wallpapering and painting while dressed to the nines in a suit, with a jacket;, and an immaculate shirt and tie.

He probably wore some sort of gentleman’s cap on his head too. And maybe a nicely folded handkerchief in his top pocket.

[Apparently he used to go fishing in a similar sort of attire too.]

Upperclass buildings by upperclass builders...

Upperclass buildings by upperclass builders...

So I have been letting the side down doing my renovations in shorts, singlet and anything that I don’t mind spilling pain/glue/woteva on.

Quite obviously I should be doing this in a party dress, my grandma’s pearls, 50’s style hat with a veil and some clean gloves.

If I had some pics of granpa in this house, I would share one with you of his potential attire – so you get the full impact of the scene my uncle painted. Unfortunately I don’t, but I trust you can use your imagination.

Instead I leave you with some heraldry I created for an imaginary company this news made me think of (I know I just love to create more things for me to do…argh).

The destroyed heraldry is by one of my heroes, Bittbox. I have been very lazy and just used his image rather than the amazing brushes he created…if I had a clone or two, I would have done it all properly.

No really, I would have.

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