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Once upon a time, when I was much littler than I am now (in more ways than one), I watched an episode of The Twilight Zone where a man is fascinated with a dollhouse in a museum. He sees the inhabitants as real people, while to everyone else they are just dolls.

The details of the plot and story have been long since lost to me but I shared this memory with Mr Grrr when I discovered that he had been given all the series of the Twilight Zone.

Upon hearing this, Sherlock Grrr googled the answer and declared to me that it could only have been one of two episodes of “the zone”.

We watched one the other week and it turns out the episode I fondly remember is called Miniature.

It turns out I only recall the last 10 minutes of the episode but it was quite cool.


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Love this show…highly recommended. I managed to overcome my distaste for 70’s fashion, 70’s police procedural and 70’s interior decor (how many patterns can you have in one room?) to fall utterly in love with this show.

I have no doubt the US version will be a pale imitation reversed in a mirror which you’re looking at in a puddle in a sewer – I shudder to think of the horrors the US-isation and PC-isation will have in store for it (like wot they done to Enid Blyton and Noddy only lots worse, guv).

Although when you watch both Seasons over 36 hours you get a bit tired of John Simm tearing up every episode.

Having said that, if I could find a Sam Tyler 5″ action figure that would be excellent and perhaps even supercede David Tennant’s Dr ? on the list of things to have. Alas it is not to be – I should know, in between handy woman work I have been ardently searching the www for one.

Seriously though, that would be seriously cool. Neh?

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While I sand, saw and paint madly away, I watched the Trouble with Harry and then took a break from the wonderment of Alfie with some John Simm goodness in the first series of Life of Mars.

TTWH is ok – it’s at the more humourous end of the Hitchcock spectrum. It has alot of really witty one liners and double entendres in it.

Life on Mars rocks. I absolutely bloody love it – it’s a great story, with some occasional humour and shows alot of Manchester – bits of which I remember from my fleeting visit there. I wouldn’t say the 70’s is my favourite decade, but it is a really cool time capsule of 70’s fashion and police drama – with the stranger in a strange land twist.

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Nother Hitchcock masterpiece down, 8 more to go.

Last night’s effort was Vertigo. Well worth seeing – not in the least because it contains Jimmy Stewart, a man second only to Paul Newman in the scale of classic Hollywood hotness (Brad Pitt eat your heart out).

The twists were really good, seeing the landmarks of San Francisco excellent and it’s a time capsule of late 50’s fashion.

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Two Hitchcock movies from the masterpieces box set, Shadow of a Doubt and Rope.

Rope is based on a play which was, in turn, based on the real life Leopold and Loeb killing in 1924. This subject matter was also covered in the film Swoon – just so you know.

I really liked Rope – the staging and setting were amazing and the suspense slowly builds through the things you know, that the other characters don’t. And it contains my fave Hitchcock actor, Jimmy Stewart.

Shadow of a Doubt was ok – I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either.

One thing I did notice – that I noticed in Frenzy – was the way the muscial soundtrack is dissonant with the suspense and nature of the film. Hitchcock is a master at building suspense through camera sequences, ambient noise and angles of shooting. He works through the things which are seen and those which are unseen, either hinted at or heard. That which we are aware of, that (most of) the characters aren’t.

But when the music strikes up…it doesn’t quite work for me – I think he mostly uses music as the locating mechanism rather than to build the suspense and narrative.

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It’s now cool enough for me to sand, so I am sanding while working through a box set of Alfred Hitchock’s masterpieces.

First stop – Frenzy. Not bad at all – excellent time capsule of early 70’s central London fashion. Hero is totally irritating and unlikable…part of the point, though.

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I’m multi-tasking why I do my stripping (in a purely 1:12 sense), sanding and puttying. I can put a tv series on and tune in and out – provided it’s not to engrossing or cerebral.

Currently watching: Amercian Gothic.

I never saw it when it was broadcast in Oz and saw it for $25.00 (includes 4 episodes never before broadcast), so it has provided a good counter-point to the sanding and filling. It is…time-candy.

Verdict: As a series, meh, as a time-filler, s’ok.

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