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…the 1:12 abyss looks back at you.

And yes, I just co-opted a Nietzsche quote into a blog about miniature world. Cool, eh!

So while I am pondering whether to dip my toe further into the abyss and also pondering whether – if in pondering – I am already dipping my toes further into the abyss; I discovered where Minimodern gets her mid century modern / Eames/ Snelling / Parker / Le Corbusier dollhouse chairs – they are Reac chairs.

I can’t remember where I saw it but someone suggested getting the box sets rather than buying the chairs separately – more economical.

I wish I could find that blog post so that I have objective “evidence”. Anyhoo, I found a collection of the five volumes sets on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&item=250291642658#ebayphotohosting

And before you ask, no I haven’t bought them yet, i still teetering on the edge of the abyss trying to decide whether to stay where I am, descend gradually or dive bomb straight in.


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I went out with my buddy, Mr Grr (the Mr Grr of the comments you may occasionally see), to look for the perfect house inhabitants.

We trekked all over town then into another suburb with no joy. So I have had to rely once again on ebay (what a shame :P).

I am watching more figures than I actually need (as stated previously I am not good at choice)…but I like options.

Although I think my options are taking me dangerously close to the point where this actually becomes a hobby and not a project….argh.

So…inhabitant #1

We all need a bit of rough ;)

Maybe I can hang the crossbows in the hall...

And inhabitants #2 through #5:

Maybe overkill, but it was cheaper than I could find it in Perth...and I love a bargain!

It may be BTVS overkill, but it was cheaper than I could find it in Perth...and I love a bargain!

I am also considering a Gwen Cooper (Torchwood) figure, Dr Who (still deciding as to with or without glasses), a Glory figure (BTVS – red dress!), a Cordelia figure (BTVS – blue outfit), the Master (Dr ?) and a Buffybot (she has a nice girlie outfit and can provide the stepford wife irony).

Now not all of them can live in the house, obviously, so this project may grow into a fullblown addiction hobby.

You may ask why I have not purchased any inhabitants for the nursery yet. I am still considering my options there…

Besides this house has cream satin couches in it…you can’t have 1:12 kids running around and putting their grubby 1:12 hands all over the furniture and marking the satin, can you? ;P

Oooo – I almost forgot – I am considering a silent assassin / weeping angel (Dr ?) as a statue for the house… I mean, how cool would that be? šŸ˜€

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As I boldly go through this 1:12 world, where few others dare…I have discovered that you pronouce Bespaq (the Chanel of dollhouse furnitures) as “Bes-park” not “Bes-pak”.

This is not a “to-mah-to”/”to-may-to” issue, or a “colour”/”color” issue.

Making this mistake is sort of like the difference between pronoucing “Hermes” as “Hermes” rather than “Er-may”, in the 1:1 world.

The dollhouse afficionado to whom I mentioned I liked the Bes-pak furniture said “Yes the Bes-park furniture is very nice. Thank you, Hyacinth – I stand here more edu-macated than previously.

Bespaq Furniture is the very thing. If only they made the same furniture at 1:1 size. Consider:

Bespaq Versailles Bedroom Suite

Bespaq Versailles Bedroom Suite

Or my personal favourites, the Bespaq Art Deco Moderne suites:

Bespaq Art Deco Moderne - love the colour of the satin on the left

Bespaq Art Deco Moderne - love the colour of the satin on the left


Bespaq Art Deco Moderne - anyone say Great Gatsby?

Bespaq Art Deco Moderne - anyone say Great Gatsby?

They are very striking pieces of furniture at very striking prices – $514.8 USD for the set above, so $739.21 AUD.

Not that they are probably not worth it, given the care and attention put into these pieces – the black leather on the set above is actually real leather.

For my purposes and finances, though, they are out of reach. Plus I am not sure I would want to live out my love of art deco furniture vicariously at 1:12 size.

Having said that, consider the price if they made them 12 times their 1:12 size (so at 1:1 scale) –Ā  $6177.6 USD or $8870.52 AUD. Ouchie!

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No matter what anyone tells you, size does matter. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying or…not telling the truth.

This fact of life in the 1:1 world also applies to the miniature world. To the uninitiated, this tiny little world may seem to beĀ  one undefinable, indistinguishable mass of replicas of real life objects…which are alot smaller.

A lot smaller.

You would think that would be the end of it, right? Wrong…

In real life, objects can come in a variety of sizes (is that all?, tiny, small, medium, large, extremely large and…impressive). While over in miniature world, there are also a variety of sizes (aka scales) for objects – the sizes (or scales) are known as 1:12 (the most common), 1:24 and 1:48.

This small fact becomes important when you purchase furniture or stairs or some other component which, not realising the multiple complexities of scales, you purchase the item in the wrong scale.

Like, for example a kitchen:

24 kitchen

Why size does matter - a 1:12 kitchen vs a 1:24 kitchen

On the left we have a 1:12 kitchen which is roughly the right size for the house, on the right a 1:24 kitchen.

Quite a significant difference, no?

(You can also see the interior walls with two coats of sealer and my puttying efforts around the window, which I will have to sand again but am putting off because it is just so damn hot at the moment: 39 degrees).

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Now that you have met my dollhouse, let’s start from the beginning of my journey…

In the beginning there was an idea and that idea was “One day I will restore the dollhouse that my grandfather made for me”…

The idea floated around, bumping up against other ideas like “I would like to learn to kayak”, “Watching Das Boot could be interesting” and “I would like to find that recipe for Vension with chocolate sauce I saw on tv that one time”…

Sometimes the idea bumped into similar ideas like “I really have to get that dollhouse out of my Dad’s house”, “Gosh my dollhouse looks at bit dirty and neglected”, “I wonder if those amazingly cool miniature shops in Covent GardenĀ  and Kings Road, Chelsea still exist…I still have the catalogue from the Kings Road shop…” and “Wow, a fountain with water lilies and goldfish dammit only 60 pounds…why didn’t I buy it in 1996? Even though my dollhouse doesn’t have a garden…it’s still cool!”

For a long while…nothing much happened.

Then I went back to the UK in 2006 to discover the shop in Covent Garden doesn’t still exist and later that year (after my finances had recovered slightly from the trip and after a significant amount of wine) I dug out the catalogue for the Kings Road shop and googled the answer.

Turns out it doesn’t still exist (well I did pick the catalogue up in 1996), but in the course of uncovering this fact I also discovered the great and wonderful world of ebay where it was possible to purchase dollhouse furniture and accoutrements from such exotic locals as the Americas, the UK and…Willeton in Western Australia.

Unfortunately I have yet to discover where I can find the fountain with water lilies and goldfish which so enraptured me in the Kings Road shop’s catalogue.

Casting that minor point aside, in the course of my journeys I have purchased:

  1. Two lounge room sets (discovered the perfect one cream satin set after I had already bought a pink damask one because it was cheap but cool.)
  2. Three fireplaces (discovered the perfect set of two wood ones having already purchased a white metal one…it’s a continuing theme)
  3. A master bedroom suite
  4. A billiard room suite (who could say that a billiard room is not more important than a kitchen?)
  5. Three kitchens (long story, will explain in a post about my discovery of the different scales that exist in the great wide world of miniatures)
  6. A nursery set (it had a toy dollhouse in it, a dollhouse in a dollhouse – geddit!)
  7. A cocktail tray with a bottle of gin and two glasses (for the billiard room, mais bien sur)
  8. A trundle bed
  9. A miniature working pull train for the nursery
  10. Silk persian rugs
  11. PaintingsĀ  (Some nice pre-raphaelites for the walls. A picasso and some statuary are being considered too…)
  12. Vases of flowers (only the essentials in life)

There are probably other miscellaneous things I have purchased on the way plus there are the pre-existing miscellaneia that I already possessed…more about these later.

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