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…the 1:12 abyss looks back at you.

And yes, I just co-opted a Nietzsche quote into a blog about miniature world. Cool, eh!

So while I am pondering whether to dip my toe further into the abyss and also pondering whether – if in pondering – I am already dipping my toes further into the abyss; I discovered where Minimodern gets her mid century modern / Eames/ Snelling / Parker / Le Corbusier dollhouse chairs – they are Reac chairs.

I can’t remember where I saw it but someone suggested getting the box sets rather than buying the chairs separately – more economical.

I wish I could find that blog post so that I have objective “evidence”. Anyhoo, I found a collection of the five volumes sets on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&item=250291642658#ebayphotohosting

And before you ask, no I haven’t bought them yet, i still teetering on the edge of the abyss trying to decide whether to stay where I am, descend gradually or dive bomb straight in.


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Michael Williams Haute Dollhouse is amazing and inspiring.

This article: fashiondollchronicles.blogspot.com/2008/02/welcome-to-haute-dollhouse-homage-to.html ; shows images of dioramas/tableaux where he paid homage to an actual 1:1 desiger, Jonathan Adler. The room designs are amazing. I want to be 30cm tall and live in them too.

Williams recreated Adler’s work in fashion doll size (ie Barbie size so alot bigger than 1:12). For measurement nerds, Barbie scale is basically 1:6…so twice the size of what I am working with.

He made alot of the accessories that provide the “je ne sais quoi” himself – the article above is great because he tells you how he achieved it, what materials he used.

He adapts Adler patterns in photoshop and prints them on to fabric using an inkjet and creates cushions, wallpaper is done the same way (only printed onto paper).

The constellation clocks in Light Blue Circles Living Room are made out of  “made of metal ring, foam core circle, push pins and paper cut-out hands”. So simple, yet so genius and it took someone like him to come up with such an amazing and spectacular reuse of ordinary items.

There’s a zebra hide rug in Black and White Living Room which he created by printed the hide onto inkjet fabric and the gluing it to a black felt base.

Truly amazing and truly inspiring.

If I succumb to this addiction hobby I am making myself a 1:12 zebra rug. And maybe a 1:12 tiger rug too. And a set of cowhide rugs and…maybe I will just finish this project first and then see how I go.

Mood: Can you have a crush on a room? If so, I have a couple of major league crushes.

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I went out with my buddy, Mr Grr (the Mr Grr of the comments you may occasionally see), to look for the perfect house inhabitants.

We trekked all over town then into another suburb with no joy. So I have had to rely once again on ebay (what a shame :P).

I am watching more figures than I actually need (as stated previously I am not good at choice)…but I like options.

Although I think my options are taking me dangerously close to the point where this actually becomes a hobby and not a project….argh.

So…inhabitant #1

We all need a bit of rough ;)

Maybe I can hang the crossbows in the hall...

And inhabitants #2 through #5:

Maybe overkill, but it was cheaper than I could find it in Perth...and I love a bargain!

It may be BTVS overkill, but it was cheaper than I could find it in Perth...and I love a bargain!

I am also considering a Gwen Cooper (Torchwood) figure, Dr Who (still deciding as to with or without glasses), a Glory figure (BTVS – red dress!), a Cordelia figure (BTVS – blue outfit), the Master (Dr ?) and a Buffybot (she has a nice girlie outfit and can provide the stepford wife irony).

Now not all of them can live in the house, obviously, so this project may grow into a fullblown addiction hobby.

You may ask why I have not purchased any inhabitants for the nursery yet. I am still considering my options there…

Besides this house has cream satin couches in it…you can’t have 1:12 kids running around and putting their grubby 1:12 hands all over the furniture and marking the satin, can you? ;P

Oooo – I almost forgot – I am considering a silent assassin / weeping angel (Dr ?) as a statue for the house… I mean, how cool would that be? 😀

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A project versus a hobby

Got busted (and busted someone) while in the hobby shop.

Had the dollhouse stairs in hand too, so I couldn’t really claim I was there for a friend, even though I did have a friend with me at the time.

Blast, double blast and dang!

The mutual busting occured when a work buddy came into the same hobby shop as me at the same time – I may occasionally pay out on him for his past-times which include (but are likely not limited too) WoW, model cars, motorbikes and other fun mechanomated stuff involving either electricity or petrol.

I say “occasionally”, he would likely tell you “incessantly”. Meh – “to-mah-to, to-may-to”.

Anyhoo – there goes my moral high ground. Bugger.

As he wrote later:

I never picked you for a hobby

Of course it’s not a hobby, not like his need for multiple radio controlled items and…stuff…as his facebook albums attest…without actually naming and shaming him.

It is a project, not an ongoing past-time – it has a defined objective and scope as well as a set timeframe. Once completed it will never be undertaken again.

So what I am doing is a project, what he does is a hobby. Moral high ground retrieved, phew.

Of course if I finish this project and then decide to undertake a new project in the 1:12 area, then it’s a hobby for me too.

I have some breathing space to consider my options for now, though.

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