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…and they bring their cousins, sisters, fathers, uncles, brothers and characters from spin off tv shows.

A couple more inhabitants for 31 Kings Farm turned up:

Awww don't they look cute together...

Awww don't they look cute together...

I haven’t  yet worked out the “family” dynamics yet. I am not losing the billiard room, so out of Oz, Gwen, Dawn, Mrs Summers, Buffy and Dr Who…at least two of the above will be sharing a room…

Of course – there are a couple more action figures I would like to possess, so I may actually need to bite the bullet and build another house just to contain all these peeps.


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I went out with my buddy, Mr Grr (the Mr Grr of the comments you may occasionally see), to look for the perfect house inhabitants.

We trekked all over town then into another suburb with no joy. So I have had to rely once again on ebay (what a shame :P).

I am watching more figures than I actually need (as stated previously I am not good at choice)…but I like options.

Although I think my options are taking me dangerously close to the point where this actually becomes a hobby and not a project….argh.

So…inhabitant #1

We all need a bit of rough ;)

Maybe I can hang the crossbows in the hall...

And inhabitants #2 through #5:

Maybe overkill, but it was cheaper than I could find it in Perth...and I love a bargain!

It may be BTVS overkill, but it was cheaper than I could find it in Perth...and I love a bargain!

I am also considering a Gwen Cooper (Torchwood) figure, Dr Who (still deciding as to with or without glasses), a Glory figure (BTVS – red dress!), a Cordelia figure (BTVS – blue outfit), the Master (Dr ?) and a Buffybot (she has a nice girlie outfit and can provide the stepford wife irony).

Now not all of them can live in the house, obviously, so this project may grow into a fullblown addiction hobby.

You may ask why I have not purchased any inhabitants for the nursery yet. I am still considering my options there…

Besides this house has cream satin couches in it…you can’t have 1:12 kids running around and putting their grubby 1:12 hands all over the furniture and marking the satin, can you? ;P

Oooo – I almost forgot – I am considering a silent assassin / weeping angel (Dr ?) as a statue for the house… I mean, how cool would that be? 😀

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