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Michael Williams Haute Dollhouse is amazing and inspiring.

This article: fashiondollchronicles.blogspot.com/2008/02/welcome-to-haute-dollhouse-homage-to.html ; shows images of dioramas/tableaux where he paid homage to an actual 1:1 desiger, Jonathan Adler. The room designs are amazing. I want to be 30cm tall and live in them too.

Williams recreated Adler’s work in fashion doll size (ie Barbie size so alot bigger than 1:12). For measurement nerds, Barbie scale is basically 1:6…so twice the size of what I am working with.

He made alot of the accessories that provide the “je ne sais quoi” himself – the article above is great because he tells you how he achieved it, what materials he used.

He adapts Adler patterns in photoshop and prints them on to fabric using an inkjet and creates cushions, wallpaper is done the same way (only printed onto paper).

The constellation clocks in Light Blue Circles Living Room are made out of  “made of metal ring, foam core circle, push pins and paper cut-out hands”. So simple, yet so genius and it took someone like him to come up with such an amazing and spectacular reuse of ordinary items.

There’s a zebra hide rug in Black and White Living Room which he created by printed the hide onto inkjet fabric and the gluing it to a black felt base.

Truly amazing and truly inspiring.

If I succumb to this addiction hobby I am making myself a 1:12 zebra rug. And maybe a 1:12 tiger rug too. And a set of cowhide rugs and…maybe I will just finish this project first and then see how I go.

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